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Blade: Trinity - Asher - & Dirty Rich
souncanadian wrote in view_paradise
[16] Callum Keith Rennie being a hot motherfucker
[21] David Marciano getting his bondage on in House MD

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I saved all of the Callum Keith Rennie icons and I will credit you. :)


XP which I mean, pretty icons! ;D

*snags many Callum icons*

:D :D

Oh, icons!

I stole all the Callum ones, will credit you when I use them.

Thanks. :D

Sorry to be randomly commenting you, but did you make that icon? Or do you know who did? Because I stole it and I would like to give credit to whoever made it.

No, I didn't make it. I also got that icon from souncanadian.

Hey your alive and back with icons it seems like years since we have talked. 14 & 16 is so cute.

Hey have you been watching your boy Paul on Eastwick?

See ya around.

I took #7 and 8. I will credit. Thank you kindly!

david marciano is in House?! Which season?

I think they're on season six now? He was just on last week. The episode was called 'The Tyrant'.

Beauty-ous! Sharing bunches!

David is supposedly on the next ep of House too - crossing fingers for recurring role status!!

Oh my gah, Callum icons... all so pretty! Overcome!

I'm snagging #5 right now, but may be back for more. \o/


Now I want older Ray/Ray stories!!

These are great!

GAHHHHHHHHH CKR gonna take some

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