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Blade: Trinity - House of Talos
Copy and paste from my personal journal (sorry if you're seeing this twice):

If you follow my view_paradise comm I won't be posting there anymore. I'm not deleting it, so it'll all be staying put and I might move some of the stuff over (def. moving my cap archives!), but from now on, I'll be updating at artasproduct. Nothing there atm but Nurse Jackie caps, buuuut yeah. It's mostly for organizational reasons, hoping to keep the tagging system more coherent and consistent and instead of overhauling what I had at VP I just wanted to start fresh.

That is all.


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House - Murphy - I KEEL YOU
24 icons of David Marciano in Touched by an Angel

Meet James Block.Collapse )

more icons
Blade: Trinity - House of Talos
Most of these are all super old :T

[04] Battlestar Galactica
[03] Blade: Trinity (Asher)
[22] Californication
[27] Callum Keith Rennie; various film roles
[24] due South
[38] Harper's Island (Wakefield)
[19] Nurse Jackie (Mostly Cooper)
[11] True Blood (Jessica)

How do you accidentally go down on someone?Collapse )

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Blade: Trinity - Asher - & Dirty Rich
[16] Callum Keith Rennie being a hot motherfucker
[21] David Marciano getting his bondage on in House MD

Pretty boys being pretty.Collapse )

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Blade: Trinity - House of Talos
265 icons.

Blade: Trinity
Various other CKR roles (Normal, The Invisible, Code Name: The Cleaner, Picture Claire and more)
due South

one of these things is not like the others...Collapse )

All of this has happened before...
Blade: Trinity - House of Talos
104 BSG icons; contains spoilers for S4

...and all of it will happen again.Collapse )

Here we go again...
due South - Fraser - Closet
LJ told me my post was too big, so I have to put my BSG icons in a separate post XD

248 icons; various fandoms. Here's your break down:

[012] 102 Dalmatians
[012] Blade: Trinity
[038] CKR in various TV/film roles
[020] Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
[045] due South
[002] Flashpoint
[007] Hard Core Logo
[007] Iron Man
[012] Passchendaele
[006] Psych
[021] Reefer Madness
[051] Slings & Arrows
[015] The Middleman

cutcutcutCollapse )

Blade: Trinity - House of Talos
I'm too lazy to count how many there are of each. There's just A LOT in general. Here's a breakdown of the sources:

- Battlestar Galactica
- Blade: Trinity
- Misc Callum
- due South
- Murder Seen
- Normal
- Tin Man
- Pirates of the Caribbean
- Psych
- Twitch City

283 in total.

Enjoy. I'm just gonna go die for a minute...

A stupid amount of icons.Collapse )

Blade: Trinity - House of Talos
So much for not hording these things on my hard drive till they reached a stupid amount in number... Most of these are months old, but you get them now 'cause I suck.

[016] Battlestar Galactica
[023] Blade: Trinity
[004] Care Bears
[019] Code Name: The Cleaner
[117] due South
[005] My Name Is Earl
[019] Psych
[009] Sweeney Todd
[012] Twitch City
[014] The Invisible
[010] CKR in various other tv/film roles that I'm too lazy to give individual headings to.

ClickCollapse )

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Blade: Trinity - House of Talos
I've updated the expired links in the dS cap archive, so everything should be working now... Hopefully.

I'll try to get to Slings & Arrows and possibly Twitch City tomorrow.


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