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Blade: Trinity - House of Talos
souncanadian wrote in view_paradise
Copy and paste from my personal journal (sorry if you're seeing this twice):

If you follow my view_paradise comm I won't be posting there anymore. I'm not deleting it, so it'll all be staying put and I might move some of the stuff over (def. moving my cap archives!), but from now on, I'll be updating at artasproduct. Nothing there atm but Nurse Jackie caps, buuuut yeah. It's mostly for organizational reasons, hoping to keep the tagging system more coherent and consistent and instead of overhauling what I had at VP I just wanted to start fresh.

That is all.


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Holy smokes your alive. I am glad I saw this update, I will defo follow you over at the new place and you said there is nothing there yet...there is a sexy sexy layout.

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